Hikari First Bites 10g

Hikari First Bites 10g

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High in superior protein helping develop excellent body form, proper organ development and resistance to disease

Premium grade fish meal provides a protein and amino acid rich diet which promotes rapid growth free of dietary deformities or deficiencies

Non-dissipation of the necessary vitamins, nutrients and amino acids help your fry survive and flourish

Exacting nutritional balance all newborn fish require during the earliest developmental stages of life.

Ideal for:

All types of freshwater and marine fry (newborn fish).


For optimum results feed four times daily the amount your fish will consume within 1 minute. Care should be taken to avoid feeding larger quantities of food less often.

For mid-water and bottom feeders

Soak First Bites in a cup of aquarium water before feeding. This will cause the food to sink more rapidly providing fry ready access to the nutrition.

For Live-Bearers (ovoviviparous)

Feed Hikari First Bites straight after birth.

For Egg-Layers (oviparous)

Egg-layers utilise their yolk sack for nutrition immediately after birth. Start feeding Hikari First Bites just before the yolk sack is fully consumed.

Diets For Newborn Fishes

Specifically formulated to provide any newborn fish the exacting nutritional balance they require during the earliest developmental stages of their lives. High in superior protein sources, including premium-select fish meal, First Bites will help your newborns develop excellent body form, superior diseases. resistance and proper organ development. Give your fry their best chance at a long and healthy life, feed them First Bites!

Rich In Highly Nutritious, Freshly Harvested Ingredients

Unique Low-Heat Production Process Prevents Dissipation Of Necessary Vitamins, Nutrients And Amino-Acids Your Fry Need To Survive

  • Expect Rapid Growth Free Of Dietary Deformities Or Deficiencies
  • Helps Fry Develop Superior Disease Resistance
  • Great For Livebearers And Egglayers
  • Semi-Floating Food
  • Promotes proper feeding habits
  • Reduces chances of over-feeding
  • Reduces waste
  • Small size avoids throwing away unused food.
  • Resealable package for maximum freshness.