New Life Spectrum GelMix AlgaeMax 120g

New Life Spectrum GelMix AlgaeMax 120g

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Ready-to-mix feeding gel


Just add water to this nutrient-rich powder to create a firm, water stable soft gel food. Of added benefit GelMIX has a long shelf life and requires no refrigeration.

  • Based on NLS AlgaeMAX formula
  • Perfect for grazing herbivores
  • Algae enhanced herbivore diet
  • Includes large quantities of a wide variety of algae and seaweeds
  • Mimics the natural herbivore diet
  • Suitable for both fresh and salt water fish of any size
  • Simple to mix up, only takes a few minutes.
  • Makes a firm water stable highly scented soft gel food
  • Easily digestable whole Krill + Chorella and Spirulina Algae with Natural Seaweed
  • No SOY added
  • Great for virtually every freshwater animal including finicky eaters and new stock
  • High in nutrition density and a complete diet
  • Negligible nutrient loss in water column
  • Enhances the colour and vitality of your fish
  • An ideal substitute for frozen foods
  • Replaces veggies, seaweed and other supplemental dietary items
  • Made in the USA