Hikari Goldfish Staple 100g

Hikari Goldfish Staple 100g

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Hikari Goldfish Staple Baby

Suitable for: goldfish and koi fry

Hikari produces top quality aquatic diets, drawing on over eleven decades of experience with ornamental fish. Hikari employs exploration techniques to research the habitats and dietary requirements of fish, and combines this with intensive research at the Hikari Aquatic Laboratories to ensure all their diets are of a superior quality and standard.

The Hikari Goldfish Staple Diet is formulated to provide optimal nutrition to goldfish and koi fry, with high levels of vegetable material including kale, alfalfa, and mulukhiya. With no artificial colours or flavours, this diet is nutritionally balanced as an ideal starter diet and requires no supplemental feeding. The floating pellet is easy to feed and allows for simple monitoring of your pets food intake.

  • Optimal starter diet for goldfish and koi fry
  • Floating baby pellet is easy to feed
  • High plant matter with kale, alfalfa, and mulukhiya
  • Completely balanced with all required vitamins and minerals

Pellet information: floating, 1.7-2.0mm diameter

Ideal for goldfish and baby koi measuring larger than 35mm in length.